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Welcome to the Mr. Michael Evans(HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL)'s Teacher Room.
This teacher room has been created by students to exchange homework help and classroom related information. If you want to add a new teacher room please do so. All rooms are FREE to join and create. Invite other classmates to join, post and chat.

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Each rating receives a different points respectively, and overall average score of all the ratings implies the quality of your instructor and the course.

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Instructor Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
1. Has a clear understanding of the subject matter
2. Clearly organizes and frames course content
3. Creates an atmosphere which is conducive to questions and free expression of ideas
4. Returns examinations and assignments quickly enough to provide timely and useful feedback
5. Lectures were interesting
6. Clearly explains what is expected of the students
7. Gives helpful/useful responses to students
8. Treats students with respect
9. Is available for additional help/consultation outside of class
10. Given the choice, I would take another course with this instructor
Course Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1
11. Exams were fair and material was covered in class
12. Assignments were reasonable and not overwhelming
13. Course objectives and requirements are clearly defined
14. The syllabus was helpful in giving an overall sense of the course
15. There is a good chance of getting a high grade in this course
16. I would recommend this course to other students

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